• Guitar Pick Maker


    Use any piece of thin plastic to pop out your own personalized guitar picks! Works on expired credit cards, gift cards, college IDs, and even drivers licenses. Comes with 15 plastic Starter strips.

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  • Elvis’s Old Glasses


    Need a new pair of reading glasses? Maybe you share the same prescription lenses as Elvis! This authentic pair of Elvis Presley's owned glasses even has EP engraved on the inside arm.

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  • Color Changing Drum Sticks


    Color changing drum sticks

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  • Post Malone Temp Tattoos


    Post Malone Face & Neck temporary tattoos.

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  • Pizza Guitar

    Andrew WK Pizza guitar

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  • Spinal Tap Volume T Shirt


    Spinal Tap Volume 11

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  • Sound Activated Car Stickers


    Groove on the road!

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  • Guitar Training Wheels


    With Chord Buddy you can play the four basic chords with a push of a button. Helps new guitarists learn song rhythms and stay motivated. Just like Rock Band but for real guitars!

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  • Mini Guitar Lighter


    Need a light? Keep this mini electric guitar lighter in your pocket! It's a butane refillable candle light flame lighter. Multi Flashing Running Lights when you Light Up the Fire!

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  • Hand Exerciser


    Keep those fingers strong!

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  • Cat Ears Headphones


    Cat Ears and headphones!

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  • Potty Piano


    Play the piano while do #2

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