• DJ Cat Scratching Pad


    DJ Kitty

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  • Wearable Air Guitar


    Jam out with this air guitar!

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  • Saxophone Pipe


    You know what to do.

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  • Wireless Bluetooth Beanie


    Ditch your headphones with this Wireless Bluetooth Beanie.

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  • Smart Drumstick Attachments


    Play drums anywhere on anything!

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  • Mini Karaoke Microphone


    Sing Karaoke on your iPhone!

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  • Marshall Alexa Voice Speaker


    This cool bluetooth speaker. Comes with Alexa!

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  • Marshall Mini Refrigerator


    The Marshall Compact Fridge proudly features authentic Marshall Amp parts. With genuine Marshall logos, fret cloth, & knobs that go to 11. Great for your practice space or man cave!

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  • A Giant Pair of Drum Sticks


    How bout a giant pair of drum sticks?! For the drummer who gets in bar fights.

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  • Zildjian Cymbal Clock


    Now you can keep time while keeping time! This rad Zildjian Cymbal Clock for drummers.

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